noobs is located at: 

310 alabama st. #d 

redlands, ca 92373


noobs hosts fully immersive, shared space, free-roam virtual reality games!

*huh?*  well, you put on a sweet headset and explore worlds (that don't really exist) by actually walking around the real world (that does exist...  we think) with your friends!


noobs is scheduled to open

july 9th, 2021!

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WARNING:  video displayed in the section below may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. viewer discretion is advised. 


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noobs will never sell your data.  we will only send verification emails when asked (like for registrations, subscriptions, bookings, etc...) and we will send promotional emails to you no more than 2 times a month.  we like clean inboxes, so we won't clutter yours.

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free-roam pricing

standard & full-immersion VR

  public game     $35/player

  private game    $80     (includes 2 players)

                                + $30  (add player)  max 4 

lite-immersion VR

  public game     $25/player


  private game    $80   (includes 2 players)

                                + $20  (add player)  max 8  







free-roam group games

single player games


about us

©2021 by noobs llc | redlands, ca


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310 alabama st. #d  redlands, ca 92373


free roam games

Name, Title



the year is 2041just after the nuclear war.

almost every living creature on earth has been irradiated and mutated into zombies.  you and your friends have avoided that fate (how?  i have no idea... maybe it will be in the prequel)  and made it to the extraction point.  now you must defend yourselves from the relentless undead until the chopper arrives.

be prepared to sweat, punch, shoot, kick, yell, heal your friends     - and love every minute of it!






rating [suggested]

single-player pricing*


  select titles     $25/hour


  full library        $35/hour


  kat VR              $45/hour


*1 player at a time, up to 4 people can take turns!


single-player games



the "discover" virtual reality access will include great titles, including:

   - tilt brush (VR art!)

   - fantastic contraption

   - gun club v.r. (virtual shooting range)

   - audio shield (rhythm & beat)

   - the lab

   - super hot VR

 & more (will publish complete list soon!)


the "explore" virtual reality access will include:

   - half life: alyx

   - the walking dead: saints & sinners

   - accounting+

   - angry birds: isle of pigs

   - arizona sunshine

   - skyfront VR

 & way more (complete list coming soon!)

DJ on the Set

party over heeere!!

2 hours + dining area use 

8 person party 



*your games will not have outside participants, but other guests may be present in the facility

up to 24 person party

  |  3 hours facility reservation 

*we will reserve the entire facility for you!

extend the party fun-time!  +$150/hr 

       bottled water 24 pack  $9    +CRV/TAX     |  sodas 24 pack  $18    +CRV/TAX


  • 2 hours of free-roam private* games, play 8 player digital laser tag or 4 at a time for full-immersion!

  • 1 hour reserved use of dining area for up to 10 people.



  • free-roam games throughout your time, your group will rotate playing 8 player digital laser-tag and/or 4 player full-immersion!

  • set dining area for up to 24 people.

  • unlimited use of our 2 single-player VR stations with all our titles!

  • use of lounge area with ps5 & xbox series x!



food / beverage?  |  b.y.o. or 3rd party 

  • you will be welcome to utilize our fridge and storage area for any food and/or drinks you would like to bring!

  • we do recommend delivery from our local restaurants, and we are happy to recommend our favourites

  • we can stock the fridge with drinks for you!  



dining restrictions

  • no alcohol allowed

  • no open-flame food warmers allowed (such as sterno)

  • any plates/cups/flatware/utensils used during the event must be new & single-use/disposable

  • we do not have any cooking/hot food holding equipment

  • we are not a restaurant & are not licensed to serve food (other than the basic 'retail' pre-packaged snacks and drinks) so we cannot assist in the service of any outside food or drink.



where & when will you be opening?

we are scheduled to open july 9th, 2021! we are located at: 310 alabama st. #d, redlands, ca (just south of park ave. & in the same business center as open door escape rooms!)

will i be playing with other people, or just my group?

we will have both! you will be able to book for just your group for any available time slot, up to 21 days in advance. for public games, you will be able to book up to 7 days in advance.

what about covid?  how will noobs stay safe?

covid has definately thrown our lives a curveball and created a different vibe at a lot of entertainment venues. here is a quick rundown of what we do to make sure we are staying clean for all of our guests: 1) all of our virtual reality headsets have been upgraded with silicone contact surfaces (instead of fabric), which allow us to fully disinfect and sanitize in between users. single-use disposable vr mask covers are also available by request. 2) private reservations available; longer buffer time for full equipment/space sanitation in between sessions. (we use a hospital grade, alchohol based sanitizer to clean all of our equipment.) 3) face coverings will be required during all public games until cdc guidance changes. handwashing station and hand sanitizer will be available at all times. 4) during operating hours, the air in our facility is constantly filtered through HEPA filters to reduce airborne contaminants, such as bacteria and viruses. 4) we will follow all applicable guidelines for california's 'blueprint for a safer economy' - for more information, visit https://covid19.ca.gov/industry-guidance/#movie-theaters-entertainment 5) if you have any concerns or need special accomidations, please let us know at "info@noobs.llc"

why "fundable?"  what is that?

have you ever heard of kickstarter? well, fundable is a very similar provider that is geared towards businesses offering services, especially local ones! we are doing what is called a 'fundraise' through fundable. our target goal is $15,000 - and we are asking everyone who may be interested in giving us a try, to buy your tickets through fundable. this will allow us to pre-sell tickets. why? 1) we want to offer a discount to those who buy early! you can save up to 50%! 2) we want to keep our prices down [most virtual reality centers in california charge approximately 20%+ more than us] - this works by allowing us earlier access to sales revenue to offset our final equipment purchases, thus avoiding leveraging a loan or line of credit. 3) we want a platform that is an 'all-or-nothing' setup, so you only pay when the entire fundraise is successful & complete - and it's closer to redemption time! if we were to not sell the entire goal of $15k **gasp!!!*** - our project will not be funded at all through fundable and you are not charged.

how old to play?

for public games, all players must be 13 years or older. for private games, we will allow some parental discretion for 8 and up. we're sorry, no players under 8 at any time.

will i get motion sickness?

for our group games - most likely not. you are physically walking around instead of using buttons to 'move' in the game. what you see on screen matches up with how you are moving your head & body, so your brain is more likely to be fooled than with traditional vr. every person is different, so pay attention to how you are feeling & know that you can stop at any time. you may be more prone to motion sickness when using our single player stations. proceed with caution and know that you can switch to another game or stop at any time. we recommend that (if you have the option in the game) to select "teleport" movement/locomotion as this greatly reduces the chance of motion sickness.

do i have to sign a waiver?

there are some inherent risks associated with this activity and we require all adult participants to sign a waiver before participating. a parent or legal guardian must sign a waiver for any participant under 18. (waivers can be signed and submitted digitally prior to the event) to preview the waiver now, you can download it here.

why does noobs distrust capital letters so much?

well... we noticed that computer interfaces all over the planet seem to be always wanting to capitalize the first letter of sentences and certain labels and "proper" nouns... this is obviously the first step of robots taking over the world, by making us conform to the diabolical scheme of differentiating upper and lower cases... some companies fight the machine by using all caps, but that just seems too angry. plus, i mean.... our logo just looks better in all lowercase.

where can i find terms, conditions, privacy policies & other legal stuff?

click here to load all terms & notices - www.noo.bs/legal