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oh  hello!

we are noobs!  (no, not the kind of noobs that 'leroy jenkins' ourselves into your strategic and well planned endeavors and ultimately screw everything up....) i mean the kind of noobs that bring sweet noo experiences to our hometown - through the magic of VR!  our goal is simple - help people have fun & leave!!  wait...  that doesn't sound right.  oh shoot, i mean - leave with a smile on their faces!  dang, nice catch.

we specialize in free-roam virtual reality (participants share the same space and physically move to move virtually ) offering a different  - and more immersive - experience than what traditional @home VR offers.  we partner directly with talented VR software developers to bring you unique and memorable 'out-of-this-world' experiences - at a lower price than the rest!!


have a question?  want to ask us what our favourite colour 


is?  want to tell us a sweet joke?  want to find out more about the games and experiences we offer?  need to invite us over for a spot of tea?  need to criticize our grammar, spelling or our suspicious mistrust in capital letters?  you can press this here button and email us with minimal effort.  really, it's fairly easy!!  or text us @ 909.353.4443  want to talk with like audible words and stuff - like we used to back in the old days?    well...  call us :-)

not a button

our  mission

to introduce everyone that is looking for an exciting experience to the awesome world of VR and provide a safe, friendly and high-energy, fun play space for them and their whole party!

our  promise

we are committed to putting a smile on your face!  if there is ever anything that we can do to make your time with us even better, let us know!  

If you or someone in your group aren't completely satisfied with your experience, please let one of the noobs know - we promise to make it right!

devin jr.
haven, durability tester

our  policy

noobs is family-owned and we live, work & play right here in the city of redlands.  as a local business in our home community, it is important for us to be a good neighbor and treat all of our friends & guests with the same respect and courtesy that we would want to receive as a friend & guest (our golden rule)

click here to find out more about noobs':

       covid-19 policies

       health & safety policies

       terms of service

       privacy policy

our  location

noobs is located in redlands which is located in bright, beautiful, sunny southern california, which is turn is located in the u.s.a, which is also conveniently located on a spinning space rock travelling at the approximate speed of 29.78 km every second...  there is a fairly good chance that we are on the same spinny rock as you, which we think is pretty sweet.

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310 alabama st.  #d

redlands, ca  92373

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