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participation waivers


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we are super excited to have you join us at noobs!  in preparation for your visit, you can complete your participation waiver online (valid email address required) so that when you get here, you can get right to putting on that sweet headset and enjoying our awesome VR experiences!  if you are under 18 (or bringing someone under 18 with you), you must obtain the consent of your/their parent or legal guardian and have them complete the waiver form.

select from the following options:

participant age:




(this waiver is also valid for the signer if they participate as well)


i need to sign for just me & i'm an adult

(every participant 18+ must sign their own)

*note: the VR equipment used at noobs is designed for and intended for use by individuals ages 13 and up.  children 7-12 may play at parent/guardian's discretion under supervision. 


by submitting contact information (such as email, phone numbers) to noobs LLC, you agree to receive relevant communication from noobs LLC in accordance to our privacy policy.  noobs LLC will never sell your information to any third party.

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