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helicopter simulator

our passion for flying and the incredible experience of virtual reality are together in this great flight simulator! learn to fly the tg66, an instruction and rescue helicopter in the mountains! test your skills in controlling this machine in the most adverse conditions that nature presents us with. helicopter simulator VR 2021 brings 6 different fuselage configurations, a super detailed mountain scenery, with power plants, cable cars, power lines, hospitals, airports and much more! you will be impressed!

learn, hone and master all the instruments and controls of a real helicopter! follow the tutorials to turn the aircraft on and off, learn to use ropes and flares and apply your knowledge in missions based on real situations!

we created a helicopter based on real life. the sequence of turning on and handling must be strictly followed, with the risk of the helicopter gets stuck. but that's ok! that's why there are flight simulators to train your skills and get better and more proficient.

VR cockpit and extreme realism
• all cockpit instruments work like they do in real life. pay attention to your rpm and altitude at all times. you will find that flying a helicopter is much cooler and more challenging than you ever imagined.
• fly too high, close to the operational ceiling or if you fly too close to the mountain walls you will notice changes in the aircraft's behavior. we care a lot about physics and everything a real-life pilot faces when performing mountain rescues.

test and hone your flight
• weather – choose the weather conditions of your flight and challenge yourself even more by flying in storms and with little visibility.
• aerodynamic control and ambient perception - flying at high altitudes and sweeping over the mountains will separate good pilots from apprentices. rescues will be needed in the mountains and these skills are imperative!

physics, the "state-of-the-art"
• all helicopter control surfaces interact and are impacted by physics throughout the flight, bringing unprecedented flight reality! and using your virtual reality headset you will be immersed in a truly incredible experience!
• weather, wind, altitude, speed and attitude of the helicopter will be felt. during missions, you will have to transport passengers, cargo and even trees using the external rope attached to your skis. complete control of the helicopter will be very important!

main features
• incredibly detailed cockpit and models.
• interact with 100% of flight instruments
- hotas, gamepad, and + 1000 joysticks support.
- easy and expert controls. made for everyone to play!
• miles and miles of snow mountains, lakes, and wonderful landscapes.
• 6 different helicopter liveries.
• 14 advanced missions.
• free flight and hours of aircraft piloting and learning.
• living scenery, with cable cars, animals, and characters, as vips and employees on an oil rig and power plant.

helicopter simulator VR 2021 was developed by aviation enthusiasts who accepted the challenge of bringing the best VR experience to life!


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