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earthlight: spacewalk

in this 15 minute experience, you will glimpse the wonders of what astronauts call the overview effect, a description of understanding the planet we live on in a new light, a spinning ball of life hanging in the endless universe. learn how to realistically move in zero gravity, how to use real astronaut tools, ride the station's robotic arm and experience the most breathtaking views on different weather effects on earth from orbit.

created by australian studio of the year winner “opaque space” and in collaboration with nasa, earthlight spacewalk is the most realistic depiction of a spacewalk on the international space station. also the winner of the australia's game of the year, earthlight lets players experience human space flight through the eyes of ana, one of nasa's brightest astronauts on a repair mission hundreds of kilometres above earth.

key features:
  • experience human space flight first hand and get as close as you might ever be to what only a few hundred people have been able to experience in the history of mankind

  • learn about space travel and the challenges of a spacewalk in this high-fidelity VR experience

  • use real tools that astronauts use when going on a spacewalk

  • get the most unique view on planet earth with your own eyes and see the planet as you have never experienced before


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