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colibri XR immersive art gallery

colibri xr immersive art gallery is dedicated to promoting compassion, growing empathy, caring and kindness through virtual reality art. it is the room to listen to the stories told by drawings, soak into creative energy all around you, explore like children with their crayons, feel the joy of colours, tap into the power of feelings and emotions, fill the space with soul warming creations ... experience art with purpose.

the gallery is free and in early access. two more releases are planned in 2021 as more paintings, music, poems, wisdom quotes will be added. get involved with the gallery as it evolves, provide your feedback as we update and add content.

"estrella: the gift" is the first release of the gallery. the illustrated story is inspired by the ancient inca traditions, the mystical world of the q‘ero shamans from the sacred valley of peruvian andes. a girl estrella is searching for the lost inca's treasure, the star of gold, that is believed to provide supernatural multi-talents and turn all dreams into being. she meets laika, a powerful shaman, who invites the helpers on her journey, the sacred spirit animals. the spirits invite estrella to extraordinary locations in the under world, middle world and upper world. she follows the spirits of the serpents, who whisper about the concealed knowledge they keep. the spirits of the jaguar and the puma cast a spell of a sudden transformation and estrella gets lost on the way, however she is brave enough to continue the journey. she travels across the ocean with tiny courageous spirits of hummingbirds, and explores the vast space with the spirits of the eagle and the condor. the girl finally meets the father sky and the mother earth, who tell her the story of their love, and give her a gift of a guiding star. her feelings of powerlessness and fear disappear, and in their place arise courage, curiosity, and creativity. the star guides her home and magically becomes a golden necklace around estrella's neck. the girl recognizes she found the treasure ... all her multiple gifts were always with her, now reawakened.


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