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affected: the manor

the most popular haunted house in VR now features a brand new game mode: the gauntlet! the gauntlet is a speed run where both your time and tendencies to scream will be ranked. it also features a global leader board where you can measure how fast you make it through compared to other brave - or not so brave - souls!

if you love to scare yourself witless, or just enjoy watching your friends and family freak out in VR, affected: the manor is for you! with simple controls and no puzzles to solve or keys to find, the manor is a haunted walkthrough that holds nothing but scares and screams for both experienced gamers and newcomers alike.

built from the ground up for VR, we've added a new terrifying layer of immersion by allowing interactions with the environment in affected: the manor for the very first time. with a choice of 2 routes and alternate endings, there’s reasons to return to the manor over and over...if you’re a sucker for punishment!


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