noobs is located in redlands which is located in bright, beautiful, sunny southern california, which is turn is located in the u.s.a, which is also conveniently located on a spinning space rock travelling at the approximate speed of 29.78 km every second...  there is a fairly good chance that we are on the same spinny rock as you, which we think is pretty sweet.

our  location

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310 alabama st.  #d

redlands, ca  92373


a portion of all noobs' purchases made through this fundraiser will be donated to the ASB club!

        - gift cards (15%!)

        - bookings for fri, sat, sun (15%!)

        - bookings for mon-thur (25%!)


march 19 - april 3rd, 2022

*reservations must be made for this time period, gift card purchases must be made during this time period (but do not expire!)

oh  hello!

welcome to the noobs/redlands' e-academy ASB spring break fundraiser info page...  where (some of) your dreams come true!!*

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