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hotel transylvania: popstic

hotel transylvania popstic is a super fun VR rhythm game where you move your entire body around to match fast-moving patterns of colorful orbs flying toward you with corresponding colors on each end of your popstic or wands. connect the dots, ride the rails, or deactivate lasers without missing a beat. watch out for obstacles! this game is packed with energetic songs, full body movement, special powerups, and bonus levels.

key features
- featuring characters from the popular hotel transylvania movie franchise and premium gameplay.
- two ways to play (wands or popstic), 3 different levels of difficulty, 9 songs per level.
- hotel transylvania's griffin (the invisible man) guides you throughout the game with helpful tips and fun commentary.
- bonus levels have been added for extreme gameplay.
- rack up combo points and high scores by correctly matching colors and beats.
- powerups have been added to allow you to slow down time, blast obstacles out of your way, and hit orbs more easily to score more points.
- full body movement. quickly move your body up, down, or to the sides to get yourself thru the rotating obstacles safely by getting your head and controller thru without touching any lasers.

play the game in wands mode using two vive controllers. from the main menu inside the hotel transylvania lobby, tap the 'controller' button on the left to set up your controller. note: popstic mode requires a popstic accessory - only choose popstic if you have the popstic accessory attachment.


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