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hospitality VR

a VR psychological horror experience. after having checked into a haunted hospital, you are being confronted with its evil resident who is not too pleased about your visit.

you are trapped in a wheelchair, unable to move anything other than your head.
this might sound like a less interactive experience, yet this decision in game design makes the experience even more claustrophobic.

the VR experience is designed to adapt to user reactions and actions. even though there are no active game objects to interact with, events are depended on head movements, speeds and viewing angles. sound, noise, shadows, explosions and lights distract viewers and help guide their views in certain directions.

by guiding viewers attention and adapting to their behaviour, each users will face a unique experience in both, length and in intensity.

psychological horror experience. no immediate violence is shown, references only. the experience has an average length of about 10 minutes.


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