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blasters of the universe

blasters of the universe is the first of its kind, bringing the bullet hell genre into first person VR. build a bad-ass gun from thousands of combinations then get ready to duck and dodge your way through a shit-ton of bullets in this nostalgic – and nerve-wracking – VR bullet hell shooter for the htc vive and oculus rift.

bullet hell
you'll need to physically duck, dodge, twist, and turn your way through hundreds of bullets. we scale the action dynamically to make use of the space you have available, so the more you move around the better!

like in a traditional bullet hell game, the key to success is finding the 'sweet spot' to be in while the onslaught of bullets flies toward you. the only thing that can take damage in blasters is your head. when you see a circle of bullets, often the best thing to do is to keep your head right in the middle and let the bullets breeze right by you.

you can also block bullets with your shield as a last resort, but it's impossible to block everything. avoidance is the best strategy, so start moving around your play-space and dodge those bullets!

you will encounter a variety of enemies within blasters that you need to dispatch. from fast moving ground enemies, to agile flying enemies, and deadly lumbering tanks. each enemy will pose a different threat level to you, so you'll need to quickly identify what enemies are the most important to destroy first.

boss battles
blasters of the universe features a 4 level campaign for you to battle through, each ending with an epic boss battle. in each level, you'll battle new enemies, unlock new weapon parts and shields, and work your way towards glory. each level also features an endless mode where you can fight for a high score on the leaderboards.

weapon customization
as you progress through the levels, you'll unlock new weapon parts to take into battle. you can build a custom weapon that suits your play style and the challenges you face. want a super-fast firing hit-scan weapon that deals poison damage to enemies? no problem. what about a scatter-shot cannon that deals explosive damage and arcs shots towards nearby enemies? can do. with tens of thousands of unique combinations to choose from, you have the ability to create a weapon that perfectly suits your style.

the frame is the core of every gun. each frame in blasters has a unique special ability that you can unleash to deal devastation to the enemies attacking you and help turn the tides during an intense battle.

these specials range from a bad-ass giant laser that melts anything it hits to a time-bubble that slows everything down and gives you the upper hand for dodging incoming bullets. each special is unique and has different strengths that you can use to your advantage.

challenge mode
constantly updating challenge modes with unique gameplay ensure there is something new and exciting to play every day. compete for the top score in time attack, endless, and speed-run challenges that push you to play in unique and difficult ways.


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