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apeture: hand lab

these aren't your daddy's hands.
these aren't even your hands. these are precision-tuned sensor-rich re-imaginings of your hands, presented in high-fidelity simulated reality.

main features:

if you've always longed to try these exciting edge-of-your-wrist hand maneuvers, but wanted the chance to practice first in the safety of a non-judgmental virtual world, aperture hand lab is easily in the top three options currently available to you in VR. presented in the world of aperture.

you didn’t read that wrong! this game is present in the bowl of ape nature! hold on, we did read that wrong! but you didn’t, reading champ! this game takes place in aperture science, home to the modestly popular portal games your daddy used to play! but this isn’t your daddy’s game!

*compatible with valve index controllers only. and yes, we have them at noobs.


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